C-9403 Conventional Sounder and Strobe

C-9403 Conventional Sounder Strobe is an audible and visible alarm device used to warn people in field when fire occurs. It can give audible and visible alarm signal when applied to external 24VDC power (D1 connected with positive and D2 with negative). A 25.5mm high shallow base and a 40mm high deep base are available. Unless otherwise stated, all descriptions in this manual take the shallow base as example.

☆ Operating Voltage : Power: 24VDC (20V~28V)
☆ Operating Current : Start current ≤35mA
☆ Flash Frequency : 1.4×(1±20%)Hz
☆ Ingress Protection Rating : -10°C ~ +50°C
☆ Relative Humidity : ≤95%, non condensing
☆ Material of Enclosure : ABS

☆ Providing 2 tones.
☆ Standard: EN 54-3.