I-9104 Ultraviolet Flame Detector


I-9104 Intelligent Ultraviolet Flame Detector detects fire by analyzing ultraviolet radiation of material flaming. It’s applicable to places where open fire, fire with intense flame radiation and fire without smoldering stage take place easily, as well as places where quick response to a fire is required. Used together with other detectors, it can sense fire in time to minimize losses as much as possible.

☆ Operating Voltage : Loop: 24V(12V~28V)
☆ Standby Current : ≤2mA
☆ Action Current : ≤2.5mA
☆ Alarm Clear : Instantaneous power out (5s
☆ MAS, 2.5VDC MAX)
☆ Power-up Time : ≤5s
☆ Indicator : Red. Flashes in polling. Illuminates steadily in alarm.
☆ Wiring : Two wire for loop
☆ Programming Method : Electronically addressed.
☆ Code Range : One address within 1~242
☆ Spectral Response Range : 185nm~260nm

☆ The built-in microprocessor can conduct the signals and communicate with fire alarm control panel (FACP).
☆ With algorithm, report alarm quickly and reduce false alarm rate.
☆ Three sensitivity levels.
☆ High sensitivity, reliable performance, dust-proof, damp-proof and corrosion-proof.