I-9105R Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector

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I-9105R Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector works on the principle of reflective infrared
beam smoke detector that can be directly connected to a fire alarm loop. Transmitting status information via the loop between the detector and controller. The detector must be used together with a reflector. The number of reflector(s) to be used (one or four) depends on the distance from the detector.

☆ Standards: BS EN54 Part-12
☆ Approvals: LPCB, CE
☆ Protection Rating: IP20* Operating Voltage
☆ Power Voltage: 24Vdc (±10%)
☆ Loop Voltage: 24Vdc Operating Current
☆ Standby current: 12mA
☆ Alarm current: 22mA
☆ Length of Optical Pathway: 8-100meter
☆ Monitoring width: 14m

☆ Wide monitoring area, range 8-100 metres
☆ Combination of the emitting and receiving parts makes mounting easy and accurate optical pathway
☆ Simple and cost effective to install transmitter and reflective via ‘honey comb’ mirror.
☆ Quick and easy to set up, visual strength indication.
☆ Built-in microprocessor