I-9300 Addressable Input Module


I-9300 Intelligent Input Module is used to receive normally open or normally closed control signals from interfaced equipment, and transmit the messages back to fire alarm control panel. The units ideal for use in water flow indicator, pressure switch, position switch, signal valves and external interface devices. When these devices operate, the output signal can be transmitted to fire alarm control panel via the module through the fire alarm loop to generate alarm, and activate other relevant devices.

☆ Test Standard: CEA-GE1.084:2000
☆ Protection rating: IP 32
☆ Approval: LPCB, CE
☆ Input: programmable NO/NC
☆ Operating voltage: 24Vdc Loop voltage
☆ Operating Current:
Monitoring current: 1mA
Action Current: 5mA
☆ Operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C
☆ Relative humidity: 95%
☆ EOL Resistor : 4.7 K ohms

☆ Monitors switch contacts of remote equipment
☆ Monitored cable
☆ Programmable Inputs (NO/NC)
☆ Loop powered
☆ Electronically addressed
☆ LED status indicator
☆ First fix base for easy and safe installation