I-9300S Addressable Input Interface


I-9300S Addressable Input Interface is designed to monitor fire conditions of detectors and security devices which are able to output contact switch signals. When a monitored device is activated, the interface can send the action status to FACP through signal loop to alarm or activate relative devices through FACP.

☆ Operating Voltage : Loop 24V(16V~28V)
☆ Programming Method : Electronically addressed
☆ Action Current : ≤1.5mA
☆ Operating Temperature : -20°C~+55°C
☆ Dimension : 50mm×44mm×17mm

☆ The address and working mode can be modified in field through the programmer.
☆ Built-in microprocessor processes messages intelligently.
☆ Input cable checking.
☆ Small size, installed in back box.