I-9319 Addressable Zone Monitor Unit


I-9319 Addressable Zone Monitor Unit (the unit) is designed to connect with conventional detectors, occupying one address. When any device in the loop reports fire signal, the unit will transmit the signal to the FACP which generates fire alarm and displays the address of the unit.

☆ Operating Voltage : Loop: 24V (16V~28V) Power:24VDC(20VDC~28VDC)
☆ Standby Current : Loop≤0.5mA Power≤10mA
☆ Action Current : Loop ≤5mA Power≤60mA
☆ Indicators : Alarm LED: illuminates red in fire condition. Fault LED: illuminates yellow in
☆ Weight : About 195g (with base)

☆ Cable checking.
☆ Occupying one address. It can be modified through P-9910B programmer or fire alarm control panel (FACP).
☆ Monitoring power supply
☆ Two indicators separately for fire and fault 0832-CPD-1958 conditions
☆ Plug-in structure.