I-9404 Conventional Sounder


I-9404 Intelligent Sounder is a kind of audible alarm device initiated by control panel or manual call point in fire room or in the field. It can give audible alarm when applied to warn people in field.

☆ Operating Voltage : Loop voltage: 24V Power voltage: 24VDC
☆ Standby Current : Loop current≤1mA Power current≤3mA
☆ Action Current : Loop current≤5mA Power current≤50mA
☆ Wiring : Four-wire, connecting with polarity-insensitive loop. Polarity-insensitive two-wire for connecting power.
☆ Tone I : Sound Level: See the above sound level data table Sound Pattern: 2.8KHz (430ms on /1200ms off)

☆ Providing two tones.
☆ Initiated by shorting external terminals, not affected by loop power cut.
☆ Polarity insensitive signal loop and power loop, with features of cable checking in case of power cut.
☆ Standard: EN 54-3.