The Detector is made in multiple temperature ratings to allow for differences in normal ambient temperature. Guidelines for selecting the proper detector temperature rating are the same as for automatic sprinklers and other heat actuated devices. Refer to the Temperature Rating Chart for proper model selection based upon installation temperature limits. The Detector’s product range consists of two distinct types of cable. Standard PHSC models and low resistance “Universal” versions designated with the prefix PLR. Each model number designation also identifies a specific outer jacket material carefully selected to accommodate the widest range of installation environments. All specifications are
subject to change without notice.

☆ Maximum Voltage Rating: 30 VAC, 42 VDC
☆ Resistance PHSC Models: .185 ohms/ft. (.607 ohms/m)
☆ Resistance PLR Models: .058 ohms/ft. (.191 ohms/m)
☆ Min. Bend Radius: 2.5 inches (6.4cm)
☆ Diameter: Nominal 5/32 inch (4mm)
☆ Weight:Nominal 8lbs./500 ft. (3.6 kg/152m)

☆ Line coverage…continuous sensitivity.
☆ Six alarm temperature ratings.
☆ Withstands severe environmental conditions.
☆ Approved for hazardous locations.
☆ Easy to install, test, and splice.
☆ Compatible with other initiation devices on same circuit.
☆ Approved for up to 50 ft. (15.2m) spacing.