Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detector

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Protectowire’s PFS Series Fiber Optic Sensor Cable measures temperatures by means of optical fibers functioning as linear sensors. Temperatures are monitored along the sensor cable as a continuous profile. This ensures highly accurate temperature discrimination over great distances or large surface areas. The cable is capable of detecting hot gases as well as radiated heat and is adaptable to individual objects or hazards. The sensor
cable contains no electronics and is therefore immune to electro-magnetic disturbances of all kinds.

The sensor cable is available in two models suitable for the broadest range of application requirements and has been
designed to provide years of useful service. Its rugged construction and halogen free flame retardant jacket resists most environmental influences, such as temperature, pressure and moisture changes.

The PFS Series product range consists of two distinct types of Sensor Cable. Each type has a unique construction that has been designed to accommodate the widest range of installation require-ments and environments. All product specifications are subject to change without notice.

☆ Identifies and displays the alarm location anywhere along its length when used with the unique visualization software and PTS Controller.
☆ Unique zoning capabilities. A single length of sensor can be divid-ed into 256 zones for various requirements (e.g. video, ventilation, and extinguishment zones).
☆ Multiple alarm initiating criteria by zone. Alarm initiating may be based upon a maximum temperature per zone, temperature devel-opment per zone in terms of time (rate-of-rise), or temperature difference between a measurement location and the zone average (zone differential).