Ansul Foam system

The FJM-200 series of monitors is designed to deliver approximately 5300 gpm (20,000 Lpm), however actual flow rate is dependent on nozzle setting and inlet pressure. This monitor is a dual waterway design. The balanced design reduces unwanted torque and swing, while the range of movement is easily operated with geared handwheels. The G version of the monitor/nozzle is self educting. The G version is gear operated. The EL/MV version is electric gear motor driven with remote nozzle pattern control.

☆ Waterway: 8 in. (200 mm) nominal
☆ Sweep (rotation): Manual: Full 360°, Electric: ± 165°
☆ Elevation (vertical movement):

Monitor Elevation Depression
FJM-200 G +70° –60°
FJM-200 S G +70° –45°
FJM-200 EL +70° –60°

☆ Nozzle: Integral with monitor

☆ Nozzle Pattern:
Manually adjustable straight to fog, water hydraulic driven
Electric: Solenoid valve, water driven hydraulic straight to fog

☆ Nozzle Flow: Adjustable by turning deflector and locking
☆ Material: Monitor: 316L Stainless steel
☆ Nozzle: Bronze
☆ Finish: Painted red

☆ Stability:
Manual Monitors: Worm gear driven
Electric Monitors: Electric gear motors

☆ Mounting: 8 in., 150 lb ANSI flange standard
☆ Weight:
FJM-200 G – 199 lb (90 kg)
FJM-200 S G – 205 lb (93 kg)
FJM-200 EL – 276 lb (125 kg)

☆ Maximum Pressure: 232 psi (16 bar)
☆ Range: Up to 400 ft (122 m)

☆ Powerful unit with exceptional throw characteristics
☆ Compact and lightweight
☆ Welded stainless steel monitor construction which allows for use in
corrosive environments and minimizes maintenance
☆ Patented stainless steel slide-bearing system to prevent unwanted
movement or swings
☆ Versatile nozzle patterns in a solid jet or fog spray pattern with water
or foam