Optical smoke detector with Base -(LPCB)

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The Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector has a moulded self-extinguishing white polycarbonate case with wind resistant smoke inlets. Nickel plated stainless steel wiper contacts connect the
detector to the base. Inside the case a printed circuit board has the optical system mounted on one side and the signal processing electronics on the other.

☆ Detector Type : Point type smoke detector for fire detection and alarm systems for buildings
☆ Detection Principle : Photo-electric detection of light scattered in a forward direction by smoke particles
☆ Sensor : Silicon PIN photo-diode

☆ Flashing LED: The integral LED flashes when the detector is in a quiescent state.
☆ Magnetic test switch and Flashing LED: A magnetic test switch in the circuit of the detector can be magnetically activated from outside the case to initiate an alarm condition for test and commissioning purposes.