P-9903 Loop Relay Module


P-9903 Loop Relay Module is 24VDC powered. The input and output of loop signal are insulated to ensure transmission of detector signal which enhances interference-resistant ability of the system and prolongs the loop distance.

P-9903 is mainly used in applications where strong electromagnetic interference exists or where the loop needs to be extended to longer than 1000m. The relay module consists of a transmitter circuit, a receiver circuit, and an isolated power supply. Optocoupler isolation technology is used between the transmitter and receiver circuit.

☆ Operating Voltage : 24VDC
☆ Loop Input Distance : ≤1000m
☆ Loop Output Distance : ≤1000m
☆ Power Voltage : 24VDC (18VDC~27VDC)
☆ Operating Current in Empty Load : ≤50mA
☆ Operating Current in Full Load : ≤200mA
☆ Load Ability and Compatibility : Connecting with 1~242 loop devices, compatible with all the loop devices.
☆ Isolation Voltage : Isolation voltage between loop input and loop output is not less than 1500V.
☆ LED : Red LED lights when FACP sends signals.
☆ Operating Environment Temperature: -10℃~+50℃ Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non condensing.
☆ Dimension : 85mm×128mm×56mm
☆ Material and Color of Enclosure : Q235A, grayish white

☆ Digital communication with fire alarm control panel (FACP) ensures immunity to electromagnetic interference and reliable operation.
☆ Optoisolated output signal, resistant to industrial frequency interference.