Fire has been the most quintessential discovery made by mankind. Rut it is also the most dangerous discovery, as a little negligence can lead to ruin and destruction ‘A Spark Neglected Burns the Housed as Tolstoy had written years ago. In cases of fire emergencies, fire extinguishers pfay crucial roles in preventing and mitigating casualties caused by fire. Founded in 1972. Safex Fire Services Ltd. is an eminent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of various fire fighting equipments.

Safex Alarm Valve are designed to confirm to International Standard. It is highly anti-corrosive are made of cast bronze.The Alarm Valve is divided into paddle type, retard chamber type, alarm switch type and groove type depending on the condition of use.
Safex Deluge Valve are designed to minimize the friction loss inside and inner parts such as clapper are made of cast bronzeto offer excellent corrosion and pressure resistance.

Features of Hose Reel

☆ Side Plate powder painted finish red
☆ Threaded Inlet connection
☆ Outlet connection for hose can be rotated for left and right direction
☆ Waterways made from non ferrous metals which ensure corrosion free*
☆ Maximum working pressure I 513ar, test pressure 20Bar
☆ PVC Hose Available in 20 mtr, 30 mtr, 36 mtr, 40 mtr