Spark Type Detector

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The detector case lid is closed by four screws. The electrical wiring on the terminal block is to be made following the terminals marking and the system diagram. See page MASP 18 and MASP 21.
The alarm duration time setting should not be altered. The standard time is 3 sec. A different setting in the 1 to 10 sec range, if required, should be requested when ordering

Cast aluminium case IP66 protection (watertight NEMA 4). Power supply 24Vdc (20-30V) filtered (ripple less than 5%). Current consumption 13mA normal, 50mA in alarm. Test 20mA. Spectral sensitivity infrared (IR) 1-3 micron. Field of view 90° cone. Typical sensitivity: 1mm spark at half a meter distance. The minimum size detected increases or decreases linearly with distance (2mm spark at one meter, etc.). Immediate response time (20-30ms). Alarm time duration 3 sec (standard time). Internally adjustable from 1 to 10 sec. Internal LED indicator showing relay alarm status. Output changeover contact rated 1A 30Vdc. Relay is active when a spark is detected, and is held active for at least 3 sec.