I-9602LW-NG/LPG/CG Addressable Gas Detector

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CG Addressable Gas Detector

I-9602LW Addressable Gas Detector is suitable to detect liquefied petroleum gas in such areas as houses, hotels and apartments. This detector is available for different application such as LPG, Natural Gas and Coal gas. (Please specify at the time of order).

☆ Protection rating: IP30
☆ Operating Voltage: Loop Voltage: 24V Range
Allowed: 16V~27V Power Bus Voltage: DC24V
Range Allowed: DC16V~DC30V
☆ Operating Current: Standby Current: 80mA (powerbus); 2.7mA (signal bus)
☆ Alarming Current: 100mA (power bus) ; 5.2mA (signal bus)
☆ Output Capacity and Control Mode: A group of one-way DC pulse active contact (1000μcapacitance discharge).

☆ Build-in microprocessor
☆ Self-diagnosis function can monitor the inner fault.
☆ Built-in relay contacts for control Gas Valve/Extract etc.
☆ Built-in Sounder
☆ Manual reset and control of relays contact.
☆ Electronically addressed
☆ Wall mounting. Easy installation and connection.
☆ Available in LPG, Coal Gas and natural Gas