GST-101A Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

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GST101 Conventional Fire Panel is a kind of multi-wire fire panel using single-chip
microprocessor. It can detect 1 zone. Each zone can at most be connected with 15 conventional detectors. It has 2 output control points through which it can control some indicators, such as sounder strobes and sounders, etc. The panel is designed with stand-by batteries (two sealed acid storage batteries) and reserved space for installation; It has functions of operation indication, fault indication, alarm indication and cable checking for short circuit or broken circuit. It
can also identify the location of detecting zone. Installation and operation of the panel
are very simple. All control functions are realized through a key switch.

☆ Approvals: LPCB
☆ Operating Voltage DC24V±15% or AC220V 50Hz
☆ Stand-by batteries are configured on order. The battery capacity can be calculated according to the formula in Clause 5.6 of this manual.
The maximum capacity is 4Ah (lasting for 24 hours in monitoring state).
☆ Output voltage: DC20V DC28V
☆ Static current: 2.4mA (connected with 15 conventional detectors)
☆ Resistance when alarming fire: 150Ω 1.5kΩ (normally 470Ω)

☆ Microprocessor controlled SMT Electronics
☆ Compliant with EN54 part 2&4, & BS5839, Part 4, 1988
☆ Both end of line resistors and active end of line can be used.
☆ Programmable sounder circuits and outputs