40/40 Series Flame Detector

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Model 40/40L (& LB) provides a combination of UV and IR sensors, where the IR sensor operates at a wavelength of 2.5-3.0 μm and can detect hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires, hydroxyl and hydrogen fires, as well as metal and inorganic fires.

Model 40/40L4 (&L4B) is identical to the 40/40L except that the IR sensor works at a wavelength of 4.5 μm and is only suitable for hydrocarbon-based fires.

The UV/IR flame detector senses radiant energy in the short wave section of both the ultraviolet and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The signals from both sensors are analyzed for fre-
quency, intensity and duration. Simultaneous detection of radiant energy in both the UV and IR sensors triggers analarm signal. The UV sensor incorporates a special logic circuit that helps prevent false alarms caused by solar radiation.

☆ Operating Voltage : 24 VDC nominal (18-32 VDC)
☆ Power Consumption : Standby: Max.100mA (150mA with heated window)
☆ Alarm: Max. 150mA (200mA with heated window)
☆ Cable Entries : 2 x 3/4″ – 14NPT conduits
or 2 x M25 x 1.5 mm ISO
☆ Wiring : 12 – 22AWG (2.5mm 2 – 0.3mm 2 )
☆ Electrical Input Protection : According to MIL-STD-1275B
☆ Electromagnetic Compatibility: EMI/RFI protected to EN50130-4
☆ Electrical Interface : The detector includes twelve (12) terminals with
five (5) wiring options (factory set)

☆ UV/IR Dual Sensor
☆ High Speed Response
☆ 150 msec Response to Saturated Signal
☆ Solar blind
☆ Automatic Built
☆ In Test (BIT)* and Manual
☆ To assure continued reliable operation
☆ Heated window
☆ For operation in harsh weather conditions
(snow, ice, condensation)
☆ Multiple output options for maximum flexibility and compatibility
-Relays (3) for Alarm, Fault, and Auxiliary
-20mA (stepped)
-HART Protocol for maintenance and asset management
-RS 485, Modbus Compatible
☆ High Reliability – MTBF – minimum 150,000 hours
☆ Approved to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2 TUV)
☆ 5 Year Warranty
☆ User Programmable via HART or RS 485
☆ Ex approved for Zone 1 hazardous area location
☆ 3rd party Performance Tested
-EN54 10 (LPCB)
-FM3260 (FM)