Get the best rates on FM 200 Suppression System in Chennai

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The HYGOODs FM-200 Fire Suppression System protects what matters most, your people and your critical data and equipment.

Cost-Effective Protection for High-Value Assets High-value assets such as data and sensitive equipment demand the quality fire suppression offered by the HYGOOD FM-200 Fire Suppression System. The FM-200 system is ideal for areas occupied by personnel and containing assets that could be damaged by water. The low concentration of agent required and low toxicity means less visual obscuration and minimal risk to people.

☆ Detects fire in early stages 1
☆ Suppresses Class A, B and C fires 1
☆ Less visual obscuration and minimal risk to personnel 1
☆ Colorless, odorless clean agent leaves no residue 1
☆ Electrically nonconductive
☆ No ozone depletion potential 1
☆ UU/ULC listed 1
☆ FM approved