Solo A3 Smoke Detector Tester

Approved all over the world the Solo A3 delivers, to the detector under test, particles replicating those found in smoke, so providing full compliance for functional testing. Designed for use with the Solo 330 / 332 dispensers it is the professional’s choice for ultimate value in aerosol smoke.

☆ Solo A3 Detector Tester has been proven to contain the properties vital to today’s fire protection market
☆ No damage to detector plastics / components *
☆ Faster response times to alarm
☆ Faster clearing and detector re-set times
☆ Minimum residue
☆ Designed for use with Solo 330 Smoke Dispenser
☆ Non-flammable formulation
☆ Minimum impact to health, safety and environment
☆ Improved value for the customer
☆ Long term testing, carried out on aerosols by No Climb, has optimised the response rate for smoke detectors, as well as the clearing time, reducing the time required for testing.