I-9102 Intelligent Photoelectronic Smoke Detector

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The integral microprocessor analysis the signal according to the factors such as signal strength and rate of increase, then confirms these pattern with the preprogrammed fire scenarios and smoke patterns for a faster and safer response. By intelligent analysis, the smoke detection sensitivity will be automatically adjusted according to temperature change, providing a rapid response. Secure and speedy communication through the on board processor enables the detector to make its own decision, resulting in greater automation. The sensor and the panels utilized fuzzy logic providing an almost limitless cause and effect scenarios

☆ Standard: EN54-part7
☆ Approval: LPCB,CE
☆ Protection rating: IP 32
☆ Operating voltage: 24Vdc Loop voltage
☆ Operating Current:
☆ Standby current 0.8mA
☆ Alarm Current 2mA
☆ Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
☆ Relative humidity: 95%

☆ Built in 8 bit microprocessor
☆ Algorithm maps for faster response and false alarm rejection
☆ Analogue sensing
☆ Secure and speedy communication
☆ Intelligent Linear Drift compensation
☆ Self diagnosis and history log
☆ Electronic addressing
☆ Sensing chamber for exceptional dust proof ability
☆ Twin LED for 360º vision