DC-9101E Conventional Combination Heat Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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DC-9101E Conventional Combination Heat Photoelectric Smoke Detector, non-addressable, is a kind of combination detector consisting of smoke sensing parts and semi-conductor heat sensing parts in technological structure and circuit structure.

Together with DP-9907, it can connect to conventional fire alarm control panel or connect with intelligent fire alarm control panel through I-9319 Addressable Zone Monitor Unit conduct the processing of detector signals. The detector has the advantages of both conventional
photoelectric detector and rate of rise and fixed temperature heat detector. Just because of the combination of smoke detector and heat detector, it overcomes the non-sensitivity to dark smoke particles of ordinary scattering photoelectric detectors. It can also pick up fire with obvious rise of temperature such as alcohol flame, thus extending the application range.

☆ Operating Voltage : 24VDC(16VDC~28VDC)
☆ Standby Current : ≤60μA
☆ Alarm Current : ≤55mA
☆ Max. ripple voltage : 2V(peak to peak value)
☆ Alarm reset : Instant power down (2s Min, 1.0VDC Max)
☆ Detector Class : A2R

☆ Strong environmental adaptability due to drift compensation
☆ Reed switch testing.
☆ Removable innovative sensing chamber, easy maintenance.
☆ Fire LED allows 360°viewing.
☆ 2 levels sensitivities programmable; fix temperature or rate of rise programmable
☆ 2 levels smoke sensitivities programmable, level 1 complies with EN 54-7. Heat part complies with EN 54-5.