DI-9204E Digital Manual Call Point


Connecting to the loop of GST fire alarm system, DI-9204E Digital Manual Call Point (MCP) is suitable for public places. When there is a fire, pressing the frangible element on this MCP can send fire signal to fire alarm control panel. After receiving the signal, the control panel will show address information of the MCP and generate alarm sound.

☆ Operating Voltage : Loop 24V(16V~28V)
☆ Standby Current : ≤0.6mA
☆ Alarm Current : ≤1.8mA
☆ Indicator : Red. Flashes every 3s normally. Illuminates after alarming.
☆ Type of Initiating Part : Reusable

☆ Electronically addressed.
☆ The address can be modified in field.
☆ Alarm by pressing, reset by a special key.
☆ Plug-in structure.
☆ Standard: EN 54-11.