The mounting of sprinklers in suspended ceiling system with conventional mounting method is very laborious and time consuming.The use of the stainless steel sprinkler hose significantly minimises the efforts and laborious costs required for Installation purpose, because the flexibility of the hose enable you to change the sprinkler location during renovation or conversions. Beauty, economy, security can be preserved at the same time.

One piece style construction, require no welding, painting or epoxy coating on site. All Sprinkler Hoses are tested with 2 times the design pressure before delivery. The hydrostatic pressure resistance is 4 times the design pressure. All models of the sprinkler hoses had been passed fatigue life test with 50000 cycles. Allow for independent motion between ceiling grids and main pipe system during seismic activity. The stresses and leaks caused by the earthquake or the misalignment can be avoided.

Including Commercial, Clean Room and Duct sprinkler mounting system. All models of Safex flexible sprinkler hoses had been conducted with severe tests and got the products approved by famous laboratories.The quality and security is controlled and kept all the time. Meet the local fire protection laws worldwide and the insurance requirements. You could have a peace mind all the time using Safex Flexible Sprinkler Hoses. EASY REPAIR, KEEP

RUNNING AND NO DOWNTIME. For Commercial system, the sprinkler could be relocated and mounted within the flexible area defined by the Sprinkler Hose length. lt just needs a small constructed area, no pipes cutting and threading on site. For Clean Room and Duct system, the sprinkler can be inspected and replaced in a few minutes.The factory or working site can be kept clean and running during maintenance. Require no downtime for routine inspection and replacement. Eliminate the total cost for system repairment.

Pressure &Temperature capabilities :
☆ Rated working pressure : 12.3 kg/cm2, 175 psi
☆ Hydrostatic pressure : 49.3 kg/cm2, 700 psi
☆ Rated working temperature : -40 ~ +200 °C

Approval identification : 3043954
☆ All purpose anchoring component is flexible to mount to different Installation conditions.
☆ Opened type adapter holder is more flexible and easy to mount the sprinker system.

Installation with security
☆ Construction with screws, Provide builders with security.
☆ One piece style structure. Pre-assembled and tested for pressure leak in the factory 100% before delivery.

Advantages of high flexibility
☆ Flexible to adjust the sprinklers to installation conditions.
☆ Prevent the pipe cracks and ceiling deformations during seismic sway.
☆ Simple installation. Reduce the laborious costs effectively.