I-9403 Conventional Sounder Strobe


I-9403 Intelligent Sounder Strobe (the sounder strobe) is
an audible and visual alarm device installed in field, which can be activated by fire alarm control panel in fire control center. After activated, it will generate strong audible and visual alarm signal to warn people in field. The sounder strobe can use together with a 25.5mm high shallow base or a 40mm high deep base. Deep base is used if there is no special statement in this

☆ Operating Voltage : Loop: 24V (20V~28V), Power: 24V (20V~28V)
☆ Flash Frequency : Single address: 1.4×(1±20%) Hz
☆ Programming Method : Single/dual address
☆ Programming Range : 1~242
☆ Programming Range : 1~242
☆ Ingress Protection Rating : IP33
☆ Operating Temperature : -10℃~+50℃

☆ Providing 16 tones.
☆ Using ultra bright LEDs as source for light indication.
☆ Loop powered and external 24V power supplied.
☆ Power-saving consumption mode and normal consumption mode (normal consumption mode is defaulted)
☆ Single/dual address programmable.
☆ Working modes: sounder and strobe, strobe only, and sounder only.
☆ Standard: EN 54-3.