The Fire Sentry i9040 smoke alarm is a battery operated smoke alarm that utilizes ionization sensing technology The four (4) inch unit is smaller in diameter giving it discreet design with the same quality you would expect in aa Kidde manufactured product. The 19040 is powered by a 9V battery. providing continuous protection. even during power outages- This easy to install unit includes a test button to verify the detection electronics are working as intended.

☆ Model Number : 191340
☆ Power Source : 9V Battery (included)
☆ Audio Alarm : 85dB at 10R
☆ Temperature Range : 40°F to 100°F (4•C to 38t)
☆ Humidity Range : Up to 85% relative humidity (RH)
☆ Sensor : Ionization
☆ Size : 4- in diameter x 1.45° depth
☆ Weight : .sibs
☆ Interconnects : No
☆ Warranty : 3 year limited

☆ Battery Operated (9V Battery Included) : Easy installation and provides continuous protection even
during power outages.
☆ Test Button : Tests unit’s electronic circuitry, horn and battery function.
☆ Low Battery Indicator : Low battery warning chirp alerts user to change battery.
☆ Discreet Design : Four (4) inch diameter.